Great meeting at Max Planck Institute: 50 years of excitable media

We attended the "50 years of excitable media: From theory to applications" meeting at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany. This meeting was organized in celebration of professor Valentin Krinski's 80th birthday and in recognition of his seminal work on dynamical properties of excitable media, including the discovery of rotating waves by wave break.

During this meeting, Rupa (former assistant professor and now postdoc in Eberhard Bodenschatz's group at Max Planck Institute) presented her work on spiral wave anchoring and dragging in cardiac excitable media. In addition, Sasha Teplenin presented his recent work on resonant ectopic activity, while Daniël gave a talk about self-restoration of excitation rhythm.

Certainly worth mentioning was the discussions we had with Leon Glass (an esteemed professor known for his work on dynamics of physiological control).

Sasha Panfilov, as a former PhD student of prof. Krinski and one of the conference organizers, was also active during the conference. He talked about EAD-related arrhythmias and gave a truly wonderful (1 hour) speech about prof. Krinski's life and work.


In the first picture you can see 3 generations of PhD students/supervisors in the field of spiral wave theory and applied research. From left to right, prof. Krinski (Sasha Panfilov's PhD supervisor), Sasha Panfilov (Sasha Teplenin's PhD supervisor) and Sasha Teplenin (PhD student). They all graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).