Jobs and other questions

We are always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic PhD students and postdocs with a genuine interest in cardiac electrophysiology, arrhythmias and (synthetic) biomedicine.

For information concerning jobs, or other questions, please contact dr. Pijnappels.
Email: or phone: +31-715265330 (...2020)

Department of Cardiology, B4-18
Leiden University Medical Center
Albinusdreef 2
2300 RC, Leiden
The Netherlands



We are happy to supply you with constructs for viral vector production and other reagents and materials that we have used in our published work.

For information concerning materials please contact dr. de Vries.
Email: or phone: +31-715265989 (...2020)


How to reach us

The laboratory of Experimental Cardiology is located within the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) just next to Leiden Central Station (train). Take the exit that leads to the LUMC. After entering the building take the escalators to the 2nd floor, go left and cross the "Leidse plein" till you reach the elevators. Go to the 4th floor and follow the "D" signs, after which you will find the laboratory on your lefthand side (D4-19).

The offices of dr. Pijnappels (B4-18) and de Vries (B4-17) are also located on the 4th floor and at the end of the same corridor, but opposite direction after taking the elevators (go to staff center Cardiology).

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