A week full of education: Thank you all!

This week the lab was responsible for Week 2 of the Half minor Heart and Blood Vessels for 3th year bio/medical students. Below you can find the contributions per member (in order of appearance):



Daniel: 1) Electrophysiology of the heart, 2) data interpretation, 3) Potential, perspective and persistence

Pim: Pre-clinical PhD for MD?

Twan: 1) Gene therapy for cardiac diseases: Background and 2) Application

Tim: 1) Paper discussion, 2) In silico models of cardiac arrhythmias

Niels: In vitro models of cardiac arrhythmias

Titus: 1) In vivo models of cardiac arrhythmias, 2) Optogenetics: Application

Sven: 1) Animal ethics, 2) immortogenetics: Introduction

Arti: Immortogenetics: Application

Balazs: 1) Paper discussion, 2) Optogenetics: Introduction


We are ready for next year!