Antoine A.F. de Vries, PhD

Antoine (Twan) de Vries is associate professor and specialized in cellular and molecular biology and the development, production and application of viral gene delivery vehicles.

He studied Biology (specialization Chemical Biology) at Utrecht University and in 1994 received a PhD degree in Veterinary Virology from the same university. As recipient of a long-term EMBO fellowship, he worked for 1 year at the Center for Biosciences of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 1999, Twan accepted a permanent position as acting group leader in the laboratory of Domenico Valerio (Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Leiden University Medical Center) to use his extensive knowledge about molecular embryology and virology for the development of gene- and stem cell-based therapies for cardiac and skeletal muscle diseases.

Since 2011, Twan is staff member of the Heart Center Leiden with a special interest in cardiac electrophysiology and the signal transduction pathways of healthy mature, developing and diseased cardiomyocytes.

Since early 2017, he acts as a consortium leader of a ZonMw-supported project (Meer Kennis Minder Dieren). This project aims to develop lines of conditionally immortalized cardiomyocytes, including those of human atrial and ventricular origin.

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