Vincent M. Portero, PhD

Vincent Portero is specialized in cardiac genetics and electrophysiology.

From a biomedical background, Vincent started his PhD in 2010 in l’Institut du Thorax in Nantes, France. Supervised by both Pr. Redon and Pr. Charpentier, Vincent performed both genetics and molecular / electrophysiological experiments aiming at unraveling new genes and pathways involved in sudden cardiac death. He was involved in several projects using various genetics approaches such as GWAS, burden test and familial approaches using next generation sequencing techniques. He obtained his doctor title in 2013 with the highest honors from the Nantes university (France).

He then joined the Department of Experimental Cardiology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (Dr. Remme’s group). During this period, he used integrative genomic approaches, molecular techniques, pharmacological interventions in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte disease models. Moreover, he also further strengthened his skills and knowledge regarding both cellular and animal electrophysiology. During his six years post-doctoral position, Vincent obtained several personal subsidies to finance his projects and also participated in PhD student supervision.

Vincent joined the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology in December 2020, to further decipher cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms and to explore new avenues to counter their occurrence in collaboration with Dr. Boink from the Amsterdam Medical Center.


Publications: Pubmed