Tim De Coster, PhD

Tim De Coster is specialized in mathematical modeling and computational methods, with a special interest in the biophysics underlying cardiac arrhythmias.

After obtaining his Master's degree in Theoretical Physics at KU Leuven (Belgium), he started his PhD training in the cardiac interdisciplinary field at the Physics department at UGent (Belgium) and the Biomedical Sciences department at KU Leuven (Belgium) under the supervision of Sasha Panfilov, Piet Claus and Karin Sipido. For his thesis, he investigated the influence of adipose tissue into the genesis of cardiac arrhythmias, both looking at structural and electrical changes to the heart.

He joined the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology in the fall of 2018 to delve deeper into the concept and realisation of biological cardiac defibrillation. These studies are supported by the ERC.

In the near future, he wants to unravel the underlying mechanisms of spontaneous termination, which studies are supported by a NWO Off Road grant. His aim is to use the acquired insight to strengthen the heart such that it is less prone to sustained arrhythmias.

Email: T.J.C.de_Coster@lumc.nl

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Most recent publications

23 Jan 2024

Scientific reports, Volume 14, Issue 1, 23 4 2024, Pages 2003 Genome-wide equine preimplantation genetic testing enabled by simultaneous haplotyping and copy number detection. De Coster T, Zhao Y, Tšuiko O, Demyda-Peyrás S, Van Soom A, Vermeesch JR, Smits K. Abstract

03 Jan 2024

Computers in biology and medicine, Volume 169, 3 1 2024, Pages 107949 Fast creation of data-driven low-order predictive cardiac tissue excitation models from recorded activation patterns. Kabus D, De Coster T, de Vries AAF, Pijnappels DA, Dierckx H. Abstract

11 Dec 2023

Cell reports methods, Volume 3, Issue 12, 11 2 2023, Pages 100671 Opto-electronic feedback control of membrane potential for real-time control of action potentials. Ördög B, De Coster T, Dekker SO, Bart CI, Zhang J, Boink GJJ, Bax WH, Deng S, den Ouden BL, de Vries AAF, Pijnappels DA. Abstract