Rupamanjari Majumder, PhD

Postdoc: 14-17, Assist. prof: 17-18

She obtained her BSc in Physics from Presidency college, Kolkata, in her country of origin, i.e., India. After completing her Bachelor's degree, she joined the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, from where she obtained her Integrated PhD degree in Physics and Computational Biology. For her PhD thesis, she specialized in numerical studies of wave dynamics and spatiotemporal chaos in ionically and anatomically realistic mathematical models of mammalian cardiac tissue.

She joined the lab in the summer of 2014 to study the numerical aspects of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias in order to develop novel anti-arrhythmic strategies based on (stem) cell and/or gene therapy. These studies were supported by Ammodo.

She was appointed as assistant professor in early 2017 to continue her research on cardiac arrhythmias, in particular on auto-detection and termination of these disorders. Support for these studies comes from the European Research Council. She works in close collaboration with Sasha Panfilov.