Minka H. Bax, BSc

Minka Bax is research technician and quality coordinator of the lab.

Minka has been working in the lab for more than 18 years. Her activities include support of PhD students with their experimental work, certain management tasks, and helping international students and scientists getting settled. Besides that she supervises undergrad students during their experimental work, while biobanking and clinical studies are also part of her daily activities.

She acts as quality coordinator and is part of the incident reporting committee.

Minka completed her biological laboratory studies at the 'Hogeschool van Amsterdam' from which she holds a BSc degree. Currently her main research activities are translational research in the field of arrhythmias and stem cell research.

She enjoys contributing to fundamental research and the sharing of new discoveries with the entire laboratory team.

Email: w.h.bax@lumc.nl