Magda S.C. Fontes, PhD

Postdoc: 2017-19

Magda Fontes comes from Lisbon, Portugal. In the last year of her master studies in Biomedical Engineering in Portugal (2010), she moved to the Netherlands for an internship at the department of Medical Physiology in the UMC Utrecht. Later the same year, she started her PhD project in the same department, where she investigated the pathophysiological changes affecting conduction of electrical impulse in the diseased heart leading to arrhythmogenesis. After defending her thesis in 2015, she continued her work as a post-doctoral researcher, where she studied the role of TLR2 in cardiac remodeling upon chronic pressure overload.

Magda joined the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology in Leiden in early 2017 to explore, by the use of optogenetic tools, the requirements for auto-termination of arrhythmias in diseased hearts. These studies are funded by the ERC.