ZonMw Pearl award for our research on optogenetic defibrillation

Our research on optogenetic defibrillation has been awarded the Pearl award from ZonMw. This governmental non-profit organization supports biomedical research, including our research on optogenetic defibrillation, which was supported by a ZonMw Vidi grant obtained by Daniël Pijnappels. The results of this project provided the basis for this great award. As part of the award ceremony, the chair of ZonMw, Jeroen Geurts, and colleagues visited our laboratory where we discussed ongoing and future research, including the role of biomedical engineering. This also played a key role in the Vidi project as evidenced by the crucial collaboration we established with the Department of Microelectronics, Technical University Delft.

Thank you very much! 

Picture by Sannaz Moghaddam on behalf of ZonMw