Great meeting about collaboration and friendship between Willem Einthoven and Alexander Samoilov

While Willem Einthoven performed pioneering work in the field of electrocardiography in Leiden (The Netherlands), Alexander Samoilov was responsible for, among others, a swift clinical integration of this groundbreaking work in Russia. In fact, he is known as the "founding father of Russian electrophysiology". 

Alexander F Samoylov 1867 1936On Thursday, October 10th, Russian professors Teregulov and Khasanov visited our department, after contacting Sasha Panfilov, to discuss the legacy and collaboration of Einthoven and Samoilov. Cees Swenne and Enno van der Velde, who are taking care of Einthoven's legacy at our department, put together a great program, including a visit to the Boerhaave museum to come face to face with the original String galvanometer used by Einthoven and his Nobel prize diploma.