Science Translational Medicine has just published our paper on hybrid bioelectronic treatment of atrial fibrillation. Congrats to Emile!

Emile has just published his paper in Science Translational Medicine, with cover image. Read how merging of new biology with old technology creates the possibility to automatically and acutely stop atrial fibrillation without electroshocks.

Truly a major accomplishment of Emile as PhD student, who entered the lab only 3.5 years ago without any lab experience. High potential!

Result of a great collaboration between physicians, biologists and engineers (special thanks to Kouchi Zhang and René Poelma [Technical University Delft] for their excellent and crucial contribution), with more to come.

Thank you NWO (Vidi) and ERC (StG) for personal funding.

A 3D animation is available for the general public (HD with subs as option).

Since it release our paper has attracted significant attention from various media, including the evening news on national television.