Participated in 10 consecutive YIA sessions of the annual EHRA meeting: 5 winners!

With Niels Harlaar winning the latest Young Investigator Award (YIA) during the EHRA (European Heart Rhythm Association) 2021 meeting, it is the 10th consecutive EHRA meeting with one or more lab members taking part in the YIA competition. This has resulted in 5 different lab members winning this great award. It’s been a true privilege having so many genuinely passionate, talented, and persistent young researchers on board, besides our group of equally appreciated permanent lab members and collaborators.

Here is the list of participating lab members:

2021: Niels (winner)

2020: Niels (meeting cancelled, covid-19)

2019: Magda and Emile

2018: Emile (winner)

2017: Iolanda

2015: Jia and Saïd (winner)

2013: Brian (winner)

2011: Saïd

2009: Daniël (winner)

2007: Daniël