Nature Biomed Eng will soon publish our paper about conditionally immortalized human atrial myocytes

4+ years in the making, but now (almost) ready for publication: conditional immortalization of human atrial muscle cells, allowing the generation of the same number of these cells as present in 100.000 human hearts – from just one single cell.

Soon Nature Biomedical Engineering will publish our paper in which we present a detailed characterization of these fully functional human cardiomyocytes (referred to as hiAMs), but also reveal their advantages regarding arrhythmia modeling. This is, however, only one example of the many new possibilities on the horizon.

All of this would have remained a wish without the motivation and talents of Niels Harlaar (pictured below with his 28 figures) and Twan de Vries.

Below you can find the first version of our paper, including 5 movies. The final version after peer-reviewing contains even more data, which further confirms the robustness and utility of our hiAMs.

Paper (main manuscript + supplement)

Movie 1Movie 2Movie 3Movie 4Movie 5

Another message will be posted upon publication of the final version of our paper with an animation for the general public, but also with credits to the whole research team and to the different funding agencies.