Circulation: A & E publishes our work on localized optogenetic targeting of atrial rotors

We have published our paper entitled "Localized optogenetic targeting of rotors in atrial monolayers" in Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, with Iolanda Feola as first author.

The conclusion of our paper reads as follows: "This study shows that localized targeting of rotors in atrial monolayers, by means of optogenetic induction of a conduction block at the site of the rotor core region, only leads to termination if the line of block reaches from the core region to at least one unexcitable boundary. Localized targeting with no involvement of such boundary merely forces the electrical waves to anchor to the conduction block, thereby sustaining arrhythmic activity based on anatomical re-entry. These findings may therefore lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in rotor destabilization and termination after localized ablation, and thus help to further improve AF ablation strategies."

This study has been supported by ZonMw (Vidi: 91714336, D.A.P.).