Another great year has passed, what about 2019?

We look back at another great year! New ideas, equipment and collaborations, and a number of papers on their way, make that we expect even a better year for 2019.

A few highlights of 2018:

- Sven, Juan and Tim joined our lab.

- We published various papers, including a few that will serve as key papers for many years; 

Jia's paper in Cardiovascular Research: Generation and primary characterization of iAM-1, a versatile new line of conditionally immortalized atrial myocytes with preserved cardiomyogenic differentiation capacity.

Sasha's paper in Physical Review X: Paradoxical Onset of Arrhythmic Waves from Depolarized Areas in Cardiac Tissue Due to Curvature-Dependent Instability.

Rupa's and Iolanda's paper in eLife: Optogenetics enables real-time spatiotemporal control over spiral wave dynamics in an excitable cardiac system.

Emile's paper in European Heart Journal: Biological defibrillation.

- We presented 12 abstracts at different international conferences.

- Emile won the Young Investigator Award during EHRA 2018.