2017 was great, what about 2018?

For us, 2017 was a very successful year, with various publications, presentations, and prizes.

The Bio-ICD project (ERC Starting grant) started in March, which will take another 5 years to be finished. 

The MKMD project started in early 2017 and will allow us to get a better understanding of conditional immortalization of cardiomyocytes and other cardiac cells.

Regarding the use optogenetics it was a very good year in particular, with original contribution publications in Cardiovascular Research (Masaya and Iolanda) and European Heart Journal (Emile).

The labs were rebuild/renovated, thereby not only creating more space, but also more possibilities.

While Yoke and Annemarie left the lab, Magda and Pim joined our team.

New ideas, data and equipment make us confident that 2018 will become another great year.