Heart Center Leiden B2Bprogram

The Heart Center Leiden is a multi-disciplinary organization within the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) offering optimal patient care and treatment by combining high-end technologies with excellent skills and knowledge, driven by sophisticated science.

It is the Heart Center Leiden's mission to provide the patient with today's most advanced and effective modalities for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, and to contribute to the development and implementation of tomorrow's modalities. For this purpose, the Heart Center Leiden holds several lines of research, covering the entire spectrum of cardiovascular medicine. These research lines involve both basic and clinical research and have a strong interactive focus, thereby utilizing novel insights into pathological mechanisms for progress towards future therapeutic and preventive treatment options.

The Heart Center Leiden Bench to Bedside (B2B) program is at the heart of our research activities and supports the interdisciplinary and integrative nature of our 5 main research themes: 1) Arrhythmias, 2) Atherosclerosis & Genetics, 3) Congenital Heart Disease, 4) Valvular Disease and 5) Ventricular Dysfunction & Heart Failure.

Mission! and R-Mission! Projects ensure maximal clinical and scientific integrity, while our interacting research lines and a biobanking facility serve as basis for a long-term strategy for high-quality translational science. For more detailed information concerning our research themes please go to menu.

Our research is currently supported, among others, by the Dutch Heart Foundation, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands, The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and European Commission.

Selected publications of the Heart Center Leiden:


1. Bingen BO, Neshati Z, Askar SF, Kazbanov IV, Ypey DL, Panfilov AV, Schalij MJ, de Vries AA, Pijnappels DA. Atrium-specific Kir3.x determines inducibility, dynamics, and termination of fibrillation by regulating restitution-driven alternans. Circulation. 2013;128:2732-2744.

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Atherosclerosis & Genetics:

1. Boogers MJ, Broersen A, van Velzen JE, de Graaf FR, El-Naggar HM, Kitslaar PH, Dijkstra J, Delgado V, Boersma E, de RA, Schuijf JD, Schalij MJ, Reiber JH, Bax JJ, Jukema JW. Automated quantification of coronary plaque with computed tomography: comparison with intravascular ultrasound using a dedicated registration algorithm for fusion-based quantification. Eur Heart J. 2012;33:1007-1016.

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Congenital Heart Disease:

1. van der Hulst AE, Delgado V, Blom NA, van de Veire NR, Schalij MJ, Bax JJ, Roest AA, Holman ER. Cardiac resynchronization therapy in paediatric and congenital heart disease patients. Eur Heart J. 2011;32:2236-2246.

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Valvular Disease:

1. Ewe SH, Muratori M, Delgado V, Pepi M, Tamborini G, Fusini L, Klautz RJ, Gripari P, Bax JJ, Fusari M, Schalij MJ, Marsan NA. Hemodynamic and clinical impact of prosthesis-patient mismatch after transcatheter aortic valve implantation. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2011;58:1910-1918.

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Ventricular Dysfunction & Heart Failure:

1. van Bommel RJ, Marsan NA, Delgado V, Borleffs CJ, van Rijnsoever EP, Schalij MJ, Bax JJ. Cardiac resynchronization therapy as a therapeutic option in patients with moderate-severe functional mitral regurgitation and high operative risk. Circulation. 2011;124:912-919.

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