IEEE Milestone Award – String Galvanometer

The Heritage and the Promise of Electrocardiography and Electrophysiology

The Symposium Book

E-book (PDF), 84 pp. Free download: full version (55 Mbyte) / compressed version (5 Mbyte)

This e-book contains the articles of all presentations given at the symposium held on April 8, 2022, in the Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands:

  • Introduction - Wim van Etten, Cees A. Swenne, Enno T. van der Velde
  • IEEE at a glance - Wim van Etten
  • Physics and engineering aspects of the string galvanometer - Paul Regtien
  • Bad vibrations - The quarrel between Willem Einthoven and Heike Kamerlingh Onnes - Dirk van Delft
  • A selection of the photographic glass recordings by Einthoven and coworkers - Norbert M. van Hemel, Pascal F.H.M. van Dessel and Jacques M.T. de Bakker
  • Einthoven lived here - Peter van der Geer
  • The bright future of clinical technology and technical medicine - Roderick W.C. Scherptong
  • Electrocardiographic imaging: history, applications, and future perspectives - Job Stoks and Matthijs Cluitmans

Editors: Wim van Etten, Cees A. Swenne, Enno T. van der Velde

Publisher: Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education, Leiden

© 2022 Copyright the authors; sharing of this e-book with others is allowed, editing of any part of its contents is not permitted.

ISBN 978 90 67677 82 0