Departmental Research

Research in the department is focused on pathogenesis and treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer. This research is performed in collaboration with a variety of departments outside and inside the LUMC, including the Department of Parasitology, Radiology and Clinical Oncology. In addition, pulmonary complications of systemic sclerosis are investigated in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Oncology.

Our research is embedded in the LUMC Medical research profile "Immunity, infection and tolerance" (see

Basic, translational and clinical research is used to address important questions in these major lung diseases. Research is performed in the various sections of the department, including the Laboratory for Respiratory Cell Biology and Immunology, the Lung function laboratory, and the bronchoscopy unit.

A more extensive description of the research can be found at the following link:

Research is currently and in the recent past supported by the Lung Foundation Netherlands, ZonMw, EU, as well as research grants from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.