Dr. B.G. Martina

Dr. B.G. Martina

Dr. B.G. (Bryan) Martina is cardio-thoracaal chirurg in opleiding. 

Top-cited publications

470 times cited (±32/year) Source: EuropePMC

The New England journal of medicine, Volume 350, Issue 7, 01 February 2004, Pages 647-654 Use of B-type natriuretic peptide in the evaluation and management of acute dyspnea. Mueller C, Scholer A, Laule-Kilian K, Martina B, Schindler C, Buser P, Pfisterer M, Perruchoud AP. Abstract

177 times cited (±12/year) Source: Scopus

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Volume 101, Issue 22, 18 May 2004, Pages 8455-8460 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) infection inhibition using spike protein heptad repeat-derived peptides. Bosch BJ, Martina BE, Van Der Zee R, Lepault J, Haijema BJ, Versluis C, Heck AJ, De Groot R, Osterhaus AD, Rottier PJ. Abstract

62 times cited (±14/year) Source: Scopus

The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, Volume 69, Issue 10, 20 June 2014, Pages 2770-2784 Mutations in the chikungunya virus non-structural proteins cause resistance to favipiravir (T-705), a broad-spectrum antiviral. Delang L, Segura Guerrero N, Tas A, Quérat G, Pastorino B, Froeyen M, Dallmeier K, Jochmans D, Herdewijn P, Bello F, Snijder EJ, de Lamballerie X, Martina B, Neyts J, van Hemert MJ, Leyssen P. Abstract

Most recent publications

01 Sep 2018

Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 24, Issue 9, 01 September 2018, Pages 1691-1695 Association of Batai Virus Infection and Encephalitis in Harbor Seals, Germany, 2016. Jo WK, Pfankuche VM, Lehmbecker A, Martina B, Rubio-Garcia A, Becker S, Kruppa J, Jung K, Klotz D, Metzger J, Ludlow M, Baumgärtner W, van der Vries E, Osterhaus A. Abstract

24 Mei 2018

Vaccine, 24 May 2018 Combination therapy of rabies-infected mice with inhibitors of pro-inflammatory host response, antiviral compounds and human rabies immunoglobulin. Marosi A, Dufkova L, Forró B, Felde O, Erdélyi K, Širmarová J, Palus M, Hönig V, Salát J, Tikos R, Gyuranecz M, Růžek D, Martina B, Koraka P, Osterhaus ADME, Bakonyi T. Abstract

20 Dec 2017

Vaccine, 20 December 2017 Mannitol treatment is not effective in therapy of rabies virus infection in mice. Dufkova L, Sirmarova J, Salat J, Honig V, Palus M, Ruzek D, Fooks AR, Mansfield KL, Tordo N, Jochmans D, Neyts J, Martina B, Koraka P, Osterhaus ADME, ASKLEPIOS consortium. Abstract