Dr. E.R. Holman

Dr. E.R. Holman

Dr. E.R. (Eduard) Holman is cardioloog en heeft als aandachtsgebied niet-invasieve cardiale beeldvorming. 




Top-cited publications

360 times cited (±21/year) Source: Scopus

Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology, Volume 15, Issue 5, 01 May 2004, Pages 544-549 Relationship between QRS duration and left ventricular dyssynchrony in patients with end-stage heart failure. Bleeker GB, Schalij MJ, Molhoek SG, Verwey HF, Holman ER, Boersma E, Steendijk P, Van Der Wall EE, Bax JJ. Abstract

227 times cited (±17/year) Source: Scopus

The Annals of thoracic surgery, Volume 85, Issue 2, 01 February 2008, Pages 430-6; discussion 436-7 Restrictive mitral annuloplasty cures ischemic mitral regurgitation and heart failure. Braun J, van de Veire NR, Klautz RJ, Versteegh MI, Holman ER, Westenberg JJ, Boersma E, van der Wall EE, Bax JJ, Dion RA. Abstract

223 times cited (±15/year) Source: Scopus

Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Volume 48, Issue 11, 09 November 2006, Pages 2243-2250 Cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with a narrow QRS complex. Bleeker GB, Holman ER, Steendijk P, Boersma E, van der Wall EE, Schalij MJ, Bax JJ. Abstract

Most recent publications

16 Mrt 2021

Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, Volume 8, 16 March 2021, Pages 644193 Validation and Feasibility of Echocardiographic Assessment of Systemic Right Ventricular Function: Serial Correlation With MRI. Zandstra TE, Jongbloed MRM, Widya RL, Ten Harkel ADJ, Holman ER, Mertens BJA, Vliegen HW, Egorova AD, Schalij MJ, Kiès P. Abstract

30 Sep 2020

Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association, Volume 29, Issue 12, 30 September 2020, Pages 105326 CT Angiography of the Heart and Aorta in TIA and Ischaemic Stroke: Cardioembolic Risk Sources and Clinical Implications. Holswilder G, Wermer MJ, Holman ER, Kruyt ND, Kroft LJ, van Walderveen MA. Abstract

01 Mrt 2020

European heart journal cardiovascular Imaging, Volume 21, Issue 3, 01 March 2020, Pages 299-306 Exercise haemodynamics after restrictive mitral annuloplasty for functional mitral regurgitation. Petrus AHJ, Tops LF, Holman ER, Marsan NA, Bax JJ, Schalij MJ, Steendijk P, Klautz RJM, Braun J. Abstract