Dr. C.E. Veltman

Dr. C.E. Veltman

Dr. C.E. (Caroline) Veltman is cardioloog in opleiding. 

Top-cited publications

100 times cited (±11/year) Source: Scopus

Circulation, Volume 122, Issue 10, 23 August 2010, Pages 976-984 Independent susceptibility markers for atrial fibrillation on chromosome 4q25. Lubitz SA, Sinner MF, Lunetta KL, Makino S, Pfeufer A, Rahman R, Veltman CE, Barnard J, Bis JC, Danik SP, Sonni A, Shea MA, Del Monte F, Perz S, Müller M, Peters A, Greenberg SM, Furie KL, van Noord C, Boerwinkle E, Stricker BH, Witteman J, Smith JD, Chung MK, Heckbert SR, Benjamin EJ, Rosand J, Arking DE, Alonso A, Kääb S, Ellinor PT. Abstract

46 times cited (±4/year) Source: Scopus

European heart journal, Volume 29, Issue 11, 25 April 2008, Pages 1386-1396 Four-year follow-up of treatment with intramyocardial skeletal myoblasts injection in patients with ischaemic cardiomyopathy. Veltman CE, Soliman OI, Geleijnse ML, Vletter WB, Smits PC, ten Cate FJ, Jordaens LJ, Balk AH, Serruys PW, Boersma E, van Domburg RT, van der Giessen WJ. Abstract

45 times cited (±4/year) Source: Scopus

The American journal of cardiology, Volume 100, Issue 9, 24 August 2007, Pages 1485-1489 Comparison of contrast agent-enhanced versus non-contrast agent-enhanced real-time three-dimensional echocardiography for analysis of left ventricular systolic function. Krenning BJ, Kirschbaum SW, Soliman OI, Nemes A, van Geuns RJ, Vletter WB, Veltman CE, Ten Cate FJ, Roelandt JR, Geleijnse ML. Abstract

Most recent publications

15 Mrt 2017

Open heart, Volume 4, Issue 1, 15 March 2017, Pages e000541 Prognosis of complete versus incomplete revascularisation of patients with STEMI with multivessel coronary artery disease: an observational study. Dimitriu-Leen AC, Hermans MP, Veltman CE, van der Hoeven BL, van Rosendael AR, van Zwet EW, Schalij MJ, Delgado V, Bax JJ, Scholte AJ. Abstract

29 Okt 2015

European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, Volume 43, Issue 2, 29 October 2015, Pages 326-332 The impact of acquisition time of planar cardiac (123)I-MIBG imaging on the late heart to mediastinum ratio. Dimitriu-Leen AC, Gimelli A, Al Younis I, Veltman CE, Verberne HJ, Wolterbeek R, Zandbergen-Harlaar S, Bax JJ, Scholte AJHA. Abstract

16 Sep 2014

The American journal of cardiology, Volume 114, Issue 11, 16 September 2014, Pages 1646-1650 Relation between coronary arterial dominance and left ventricular ejection fraction after ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction in patients having percutaneous coronary intervention. Veltman CE, Hoogslag GE, Kharbanda RK, de Graaf MA, van Zwet EW, van der Hoeven BL, Delgado V, Bax JJ, Scholte AJ. Abstract