Dr. A.A.F. de Vries

Dr. A.A.F. de Vries

Dr. A.A.F. (Twan) de Vries is principle investigator. Voor meer informatie over zijn werkzaamheden kunt u de Engelstalige website van het Laboratorium Experimentele Cardiologie bezoeken.

Top-cited publications

201 times cited (±7/year) Source: EuropePMC

Journal of virology, Volume 65, Issue 6, 01 June 1991, Pages 2910-2920 Equine arteritis virus is not a togavirus but belongs to the coronaviruslike superfamily. den Boon JA, Snijder EJ, Chirnside ED, de Vries AA, Horzinek MC, Spaan WJ. Abstract

114 times cited (±9/year) Source: Scopus

Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), Volume 25, Issue 2, 21 September 2006, Pages 271-278 Epicardial cells of human adults can undergo an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and obtain characteristics of smooth muscle cells in vitro. van Tuyn J, Atsma DE, Winter EM, van der Velde-van Dijke I, Pijnappels DA, Bax NA, Knaän-Shanzer S, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, Poelmann RE, van der Laarse A, van der Wall EE, Schalij MJ, de Vries AA. Abstract

105 times cited (±4/year) Source: EuropePMC

Journal of virology, Volume 66, Issue 11, 01 November 1992, Pages 6294-6303 Structural proteins of equine arteritis virus. de Vries AA, Chirnside ED, Horzinek MC, Rottier PJ. Abstract

Most recent publications

27 Sep 2018

eLife, Volume 7, 27 September 2018 Optogenetics enables real-time spatiotemporal control over spiral wave dynamics in an excitable cardiac system. Majumder R, Feola I, Teplenin AS, de Vries AA, Panfilov AV, Pijnappels DA. Abstract

18 Jun 2018

Cardiovascular research, 18 June 2018 Generation and primary characterization of iAM-1, a versatile new line of conditionally immortalized atrial myocytes with preserved cardiomyogenic differentiation capacity. Liu J, Volkers L, Jangsangthong W, Bart CI, Engels MC, Zhou G, Schalij MJ, Ypey DL, Pijnappels DA, de Vries AAF. Abstract

01 Jun 2018

Physical review. X, Volume 8, Issue 2, 01 June 2018, Pages 021077 Paradoxical Onset of Arrhythmic Waves from Depolarized Areas in Cardiac Tissue Due to Curvature-Dependent Instability. Teplenin AS, Dierckx H, de Vries AAF, Pijnappels DA, Panfilov AV. Abstract